How to eat healthy on a budget


The 7-page ebook that demystifies what it actually takes to make healthy choices, even on a tight family budget.

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Inside 'How to eat healthy on a budget' you'll discover...

5 hacks you can implement today

to start planning ahead, shopping smartly, cooking cleverly and utilising leftovers to save you time and money now.

Our extensive seasonal produce guide

to take the guess-work out of choosing the best-tasting fruits and vegetables so you shop smarter, not harder.

A crowd-pleasing budget-friendly recipe

to show you that choosing cheaper ingredients, in season doesn't mean compromising on quality or taste.

Hi, I'm Dr Courtney Thompson

Nutritionist, a life-long learner and your passionate food literacy advocate.

What have I mastered during my 7+ years of study & teaching all facets of nutrition while working for leading organisations in Australia's food industry?

How to turn complex research into guidance on nutrition that resonates with everyday Australians.

A skillset that's made me the nutrition consultant of choice for a growing number of government organisations, not-for-profits, the food industry... and possibly you.

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