Get Food Smart


The practical food literacy course for busy family chefs like you who want all the tips & tricks to plan, prepare and eat feel-good, healthy food without taking up extra headspace.

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Inside 'Get Food Smart' you'll discover how to be...

A champion shopper

who saves time, money and brain space while quickly and confidently navigating the supermarket aisles and sticking to your budget.

A foodie expert

who can cope when plans go out the door and masterfully take control to ensure healthy, delicious food is available that tick all your family's boxes.

A cooking whiz

who knows how to navigate the kitchen confidently, turning the contents of the fridge into a healthy dinner without following a set recipe.

Hi, I'm Dr Courtney Thompson

Nutritionist, a life-long learner and your passionate food literacy advocate.

What have I mastered during my 7+ years of study & teaching all facets of nutrition while working for leading organisations in Australia's food industry?

How to turn complex research into guidance on nutrition that resonates with everyday Australians.

A skillset that's made me the nutrition consultant of choice for a growing number of government organisations, not-for-profits, the food industry... and possibly you.

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