Get Kitchen Confident


The LIVE kitchen skills workshop that takes you from complete notice to confident kitchen explorer in only 90 jam-packed minutes.

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Inside 'Get Kitchen Confident' you'll discover how to...

Navigate your kitchen

By exploring the ins and outs of basic equipment, utensils and appliances that can make your life easier.

Prepare food

By unpacking kitchen terminology and executing common food prep techniques you need to follow a recipe.


By covering the most common cooking favourites such as poaching, steaming, roasting and grilling.

Hi, I'm Dr Courtney Thompson

Nutritionist, a life-long learner and your passionate food literacy advocate.

What have I mastered during my 7+ years of study & teaching all facets of nutrition while working for leading organisations in Australia's food industry?

How to turn complex research into guidance on nutrition that resonates with everyday Australians.

A skillset that's made me the nutrition consultant of choice for a growing number of government organisations, not-for-profits, the food industry... and possibly you.

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