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  • Are curious about smarter ways to get organised for your weekly shop

Hi, I'm Dr Courtney Thompson

Accredited nutritionist and passionate about Australia's food literacy

My journey into nutrition began as a teenager with a healthy curiosity but a total lack of guidance when it came to the right food choices. Home economics at school was a starting point, but it certainly left a lot to be desired.

What followed? A complicated relationship with food and dietary guidelines. (I knew what I SHOULD eat, but I simply couldn’t make the process enjoyable.)

So I set out to truly understand the food on my plate and ultimately fuelled a deep passion for food literacy.

What began with a Bachelor of Nutrition Science quickly created a hunger for more.

So I added an Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences, followed by a phenomenal amount of hours completing a PhD in public health nutrition.

What have my 7+ years of studying & teaching taught me?

How to turn complex food facts into practical strategies that allow busy women like you to claim your full nutritional potential (while saving hours of precious time and boosting your health).

If you're ready to ditch pen and paper and let your personal mealtime assistant do the heavy lifting for you...

...then this is the auto-populating spreadsheet to make it happen


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